We Won!


I can’t believe it….WE WON!!!!!

In a true David and Goliath moment, the court has ruled against the authorities’ plan to demolish the restaurants and shops of the Calais Jungle!!!

The judge rejected the request on the following counts:

– These places of commerce have existed since April 2015
– The lack of authorization and sanitation are worries for all shelters, schools, places of worship etc… there should be no differentiation for the shops and restuarants
– The places of business serve other important functions – they are places to meet, to charge phones and to accommodate new arrivals.
– Destroying these places would aggravate tensions, endanger the wellbeing of residents and degrade their living conditions even further
– The judge also took on board the long lines for government run services and the rising tensions due to them

YES!!!!! These are the points we have been hammering home for weeks!

I’ve been sitting here nervously, waiting for the result all morning, scared that history would repeat itself and we would again be bitterly disappointed and shocked, like the moment we heard that the court had ruled to go ahead with the demolition of the southern side of the camp a few months ago.

This is a small moment of victory in an on-going struggle for dignity, justice and equality for our friends in the camp, but one that we are savouring.

THANK YOU to everyone for joining us on this battle…over 100,000 signatures on the petition is truly amazing!

We can now continue to support the amazing Kids Café which provides free food for the hundreds of under 18’s in the camp.

Here is a little video to demonstrate why it is so important that it continues to operate!

To donate directly to the Kids Café: