The Calais Sessions

Our friends at The Calais Sessions have released an Album!

The album is made up of tracks recorded in a makeshift studio in the Calais Jungle, written and produced by refugees themselves.


At The Worldwide Tribe we love a bit of creativity and definitely see music as an important form of expression, especially for those having suffered trauma and pain. We have personally experienced how music (team members Nils O’Hara and Dervla O’Shea have played several gigs in the camp and my Dad has brought his guitar over too), brings so much joy, even at a time of extreme hardship.


We are also always aiming to give a voice to those who aren’t being heard. The Calais Sessions team do just this, by facilitating the talented musicians of the Jungle to express themselves through sound. This not only provides a little relief and escapism from the every day, but also allows self expression and brings people together, regardless of nationality, religion or race.


You can buy the album on itunes here.

All proceeds go back into projects on the ground in the Jungle!