One love. One Tribe. The Worldwide Tribe.

One year on and I’m feeling emotional.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year but I’ve learnt that you don’t appreciate the ups until you’ve experienced the downs. The highs are even higher when you’ve felt those lows and the good times even sweeter, the details more beautiful, when you’ve seen the darkness.

But we’ve got through it together, by supporting one another.




One love. One Tribe. The Worldwide Tribe – of which you are all a part of.

I want everyone to know that as we move into year two, we will continue to fight harder than ever to spread awareness, support people in camps, connect people, fundraise, rescue people at sea, provide food, clothing and shelter, offer friendship, radiate love, laugh and tell the stories of those whose voices go unheard in the hope of a more equal world.



This is our responsibility and our mission.

Please continue to support us. We would not have been able to do this without every single one of you and we know this is just the beginning….

If we can do this in year one, just think what we can do it year two!

One love. One Tribe.
The Worldwide Tribe <3

Extra special big up to Nils O’Hara, Dan Teuma, Jessica Johnson, Finlay O’Hara … I love you <3