Omrans’s Brother

We all know Omran’s confused little face after this week. We all watched him silently bring his tiny hand to head, look at it, and rub the blood onto the seat of the ambulance.

Well this is his 10-year-old brother Ali, and we all need to know about him too.

Ali’s little body has devastatingly succumbed to the injuries he had from the air strike on their family home this week and yesterday he died.

It was hard to know whether to share this picture with you. It’s too heartbreaking to even think about, let alone see, but it’s so so important for the world and everyone in it to know and understand and feel and WAKE UP to what is happening to the children we share it with right now.

Omran will now grow up without a brother.

His parents have lost their son…and the worst thing is, where will they go to grieve? How can they take the time to mourn, to process, to slowly heal, when they live in Syria.

Do they stay or do they leave? What do they do now? We know what lies ahead of them if they take either option, and both will test them beyond what anyone deserves.

Please help us reach our goal of £5000 to get another ambulance to Syria like the one in which Omran sits.

It’s literally the least that we can do: