Noor’s Independence

THE BEST NEWS…Noor has a new ELECTRIC wheelchair!!

When we were in Turkey last week, my heart was repeatedly breaking as I pushed Noor around the city in her wheelchair. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her beautiful little body was in pain, and not working for her as a result of a bomb hitting her university in Syria…but the wheelchair she had was huge and bulky and broken. One of the footrests was missing so she had to constantly lift one leg across the other to stop her foot from dragging on the floor and under the wheels.

It must have been so uncomfortable for her but she didn’t complain once, she just kept gently asking me to stop so she could rearrange her legs again, and every time she did, I felt a pang injustice for her.

ANYWAY this week tribe members Kelli Scott and Ece Gülşen worked together to get Noor this much better chair. Not only is it more comfortable, but the fact that it’s electric gives Noor her freedom back. Up until now she has had to rely on family and friends to push her around, but now, strong, determined Noor has some independence back.

I can’t even tell you guys how amazing Noor is, I know that if she ever makes it to the UK, all my guy friends will fall in love with her haha. I’ve never met someone more inspiring, positive and optimistic about the future.

Noor needs medical attention and an operation for her to be able to walk again. We’re fundraising for her here: