Noor At The Beach

noor beach 1

Noor’s day at the beach was no ordinary 27-year-old girl’s day trip to the seaside…
It’s summer. Noor is young and beautiful. She should be running into the sea, enjoying the sun on her beautiful little body, laughing and joking with her mates, maybe having a BBQ.
But she’s not.

Instead she has to be carried into the water as her wheelchair gets stuck in the sand. She has to battle with the painful memories of her last encounter with the sea, when she thought she was going to die, when the boat she was in capsized whilst crossing from Turkey to Greece. She has to live her life without her four best friends, who were hit by a bomb at her university in front of her eyes.

noor beach 4
It made me cry when tribe member Kelli Scott told me about her day at the beach with Noor, and how Noor was determined to swim, despite overwhelming fear. Kelli told me that Noor was completely vulnerable, yet so strong at the same time, and this is such a good description of how I think of Noor…

noor beach 3
A complete inspiration…doggedly determined, yet desperately trapped, by her body and her circumstances. When I was with Noor in Izmir, I couldn’t take my eyes off her… she has an energy, a resolve, an inner courage that I have never experienced before.

noor beach 2
Noor is no victim, she is positive and inspirational, but her body and her future have been jeopardised by decisions outside of her control, by a war that is nothing to do with her, by borders someone else, somewhere, has decided to create.

We’re trying to raise the money for the operation Noor needs to enable her to walk again…to run into the sea again, to feel the warm sand beneath her feet and the freedom to live her life as she should be…
Please support her in every way you can:

If you don’t have any money to spare, maybe you can organise a fundraiser or event within your own community, amongst your own friends, in aid of Noor. Think about it, and think about her next time you spend a day on the beach with your pals <3