Children Need Your Help

URGENT: The unaccompanied children living in Calais need help!!!!!

On Wednesday 4th August, the restaurants in the Calais Jungle were served an eviction notice. The French Authorities plan to demolish all ‘businesses’ in the camp on 10th August, this Wednesday coming.

This includes the Kids Cafe, which is NOT a business, but provides English and French classes, asylum advice and over 200 warm, FREE meals a day for the hundreds of unaccompanied minors living in the camp.




There are 608 unaccompanied children currently living in the camp, the youngest, just 7 years old. The Kids Cafe has provided a safe, welcoming space to register and keep track of these kids, and most importantly, given them somewhere to call home.

Entirely run on donations, the Kids Cafe, set up by British volunteer Mary, and Afghan refugee Sikander, allows children to eat, watch TV, play pool, play games and hang out in the evening in a safe environment, where volunteers can keep an eye on them. This is VITAL after the shocking news that 129 minors went missing from the Calais Jungle during the Southern eviction a few months ago.




All Establishments of the Calais Jungle that feed the residents now face closure and demolition following the last two weeks of intrusive and demoralising raids, where all food was seized and disposed of by a 150-strong police presence, during which the police even scooped rice which was about to be served, from the pans and into bin bags.

They even confiscated bottles of water and subsequently began to drink them.

These pictures of Sikander playing pool with the boys were taken in the cafe, moments before it was raided and Sikander was arrested and taken away in a police van…all for distributing free food to hungry children.



Surely the authorities should be providing food, water and security to child victims and survivors of war, rather than taking it away?

We can not POSSIBLY stand back and allow the Jungle to become an even MORE unsafe place for children to be.

Mary and Sikander are in the midst of a legal battle to save the Cafe from its imminent demolition.

To support their efforts, please sign our petition to save the Kids Cafe here.