This is tribe member Brendan Woodhouse.

He is a real life super hero, saving thousands of lives in the Mediterranean (you might remember the time he saved a tiny baby off the coast of Lesvos), but even he can’t save every life…

In this video, with the pain and trauma evident on his face, he talks about the 16 year old girl he was unable to save.

The 16 year old girl who died for NO REASON…making a journey that would be cheaper to make by plane, instead of paying smugglers to go by unsafe rubber dingy.

But someone, somewhere, has decided she is ‘not allowed.’

She did not have the same rights or freedom that others in the world do.


Her death is so unnecessary, and that injustice breaks my heart. Thank you to Brendan and the incredible Sea-Watch team for your life-saving work.

We will be posting Brendan’s diary entry from this day later this evening, watch out for it…

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