Update on Noor

You wont believe why It’s taken us a couple of days to get this update from the lovely Kelli who is working with Noor on the ground in Izmir…

Shortly after we posted her story, the dreadful news of the Istanbul airport bomb attack unfolded, and as a result, the Turkish Government actually grinds the internet to a halt and limits the use of social media making it difficult for Kelli to communicate with us… We couldn’t believe it either. Crazy.

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for the incredible response to supporting Noor. We had so many offers of advice, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, ideas for education and even a donation of an iPad! You guys are too amazing, it brings tears to my eyes to write this.

Kelli visited Noor for iftar, the evening meal enjoyed at sunset during Ramadan when fasting ends for the day, to share the amazing news with her. She was over the moon.

We’re still desperately trying to get the money together for Noor’s operation, so if you feel it in your heart to support her this weekend, please donate to: