The Plight Of A Refugee

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Tormented by war
Tortured by oppression
Enslaved by dictators
Dehumanized by persecution,

Denied to assemble
Not allowed to practice my religion
Could not choose my gender
Suffered for belonging to my ethnicity
Lost my dignity
I became a refugee,

Crossing boarder just to get little safety
Braved shoot to kill policy
Became smugglers property
Abandoned in the Sahara desert
Kept hostage for ransom
Traffickers sold my organ
My body in the Mediterranean
I am an Eritrean,

Wars in the middle east
Displaced me from my nest
Crowded in shaky boats
Ended up in European shores
Only to find myself lost in tragedy
I am a Syrian,

I could be Iraqi, Afghani, Rohingya,
Cuban or Mexican
Guatemalan, a Salvadorian
Today is my day, June 20,

All I am asking is to seek safety
Working hard to integrate into a new society
Abiding by the rules of my host country,

As I live in relative peace,
I have a duty to be a voice
To become hope for the hopeless
To speak against injustice
To live up to my means
Like anyone else

Because I am a human being.

Beautiful words by Eritrean poet and refugee, Meron Seminar. This is a snippet of Meron reading the poem filmed by tribe member Joy at a World Refugee Day celebration in San Fransisco.