Search & Rescue

As you guys know, our lovely Dan and Simeon spent months this year working on the shorelines of Lesvos. They worked all hours of the night, sometimes seeing in up to 30 boats in one day, and ensuring the safe arrival of over 12,000 refugees in total.

Their work was invaluable.

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And now they’re at it again! They have recently returned from an intensive week of training with Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project, where they developed the skill set needed to support with search and rescue operations in the Aegean, the Mediterranean and, in the future, globally.

They worked with industry experts, alongside other volunteers like Brendanand Fotis, to prepare themselves for the reality of sea rescue.


Dan is planning to divide his time between working in camps in mainland Greece, and supporting search and rescue operations wherever he’s needed.

We are so proud of these guys, and all of the people and organisations who dedicate their time to fighting for the lives of others, and we want to support them as much as we can!

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We’ve created a dedicated fundraiser for search and rescue efforts which will allow us to put rescuers in the sea, and channel support to those who do this incredible work, and we’d love your support so we can have the biggest impact possible.

We’ll be sharing more about the guys’ search and rescue training, as well as their stories from the sea over the coming days, weeks and months so stay tuned!

You can donate to support search and rescue efforts here: