Police in Calais Drink Water Taken from Refugees

It was pretty hot again today, so as the police confiscated more food and drink from refugees in the Calais Jungle, they opened up bottles of water they had taken, and drunk from them, right in front of the refugees who they belonged to.

I know…

What the actual fuck?

You can see them passing the bottles round in this video

Just writing these words is making me feel all hot and my hands are shaking as I type…

Not only did they take food from inside pans and stock from the shelves of the shops (for not complying with ‘health and safety’), they also took important personal belongings like mobile phones and documents. They told a few of our friends that could have them back after a court case in OCTOBER.

They also took over $1000 euros from another one of our friends.

When people locked their doors, the police broke them down.
No one knew what to do, where to go, or why this was happening to them. They didn’t know whether to hide their documents or keep them on them, as many people connected to the restaurants or shops were arrested and one friend was sent to a deportation centre on the basis of the papers he had in his pocket.

One day my kids and your kids, and their kids, will read about this in their history books, in shock, disbelief and shame.

Treating vulnerable people like this is nothing other than appalling, but sitting back and doing nothing about it is not the way I want to look back on this either.

We have to do something.

Thank you Beatrice Lily Lorigan for taking this video, I still can’t believe what I’m seeing when I watch it…

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