A couple of weeks ago we told you about beautiful Noor.

Noor was left unable to walk after a missle attack on her university in Damascus, during the final year of her law degree.


She was forced to flee Syria with her mother and brother, devastatingly leaving her father behind as his health was too poor to survive the journey. He had suffered a heart attack from the shock and trauma of watching his life and family fall apart in front of his eyes.

Noor however, remains strong and determined. She speaks five languages always tells tribe member Kelli that she WILL walk again and WILL finish that degree. Kelli tells us that Noor’s resilience and spirit bring her to tears every single time and that she is one of the most, if not THE most, inspiring young person she has ever met.


Noor is clever and funny, but currently trapped inside a life and a body that she didn’t want and didn’t choose.

We asked you guys if any of you had a tablet that Noor could use to continue her learning, and the amazing Claudia Gwinnutt sent her an Ipad which arrived this weekend!


Kelli helped set it up with Google translate and some other apps to enable Noor to apply for the scholarship programmes some of you have been recommending!

To support Noor in her journey to walk again, we are fundraising for her operation here:Donate