The Blue House On The Hill

Our friend Alpha’s house was in the area of the camp that was cruelly bulldozed in March.

‘The Blue House on the Hill,’ he called this house.

This house was his pride and joy.

Despite living in the Jungle in Calais, he told us that he tried to see the positive, tried to appreciate what this camp allowed him to do and to be, opportunities he had never had before. To be an artist. An architect.

He built this house with love. With the little resources available to him, to try and maintain some dignity whilst living in the camp.

In February the shocking news came that the authorities would be bulldozing half of the camp, including Alpha’s house. He was devastated.

We couldn’t let this symbol of hope and humanity be crushed to the ground, so before the bulldozers arrived, we saved it…

We rescued the house and took it to London, where it will stand proudly in the Barbican next week as part of our one day festival to celebrate the incredible creativity and love coming out of the refugee crisis we find ourselves in the midst of.

(We can’t even tell you the logistical nightmare of getting the house here!)

If you would like to see Alpha’s house, alongside other shelters from Calais in person, as well as art, music, film, discussion, poetry and other creative responses to this crisis, click attending and get your ticket through this event page:

We would love you to join us in our celebration of humanity, perseverance, strength of character and creativity in the face of ultimate adversity!