Kasper & The Calais Sessions

Kasper is a wonderful man and talented rapper who lives in the Calais Jungle.

He has been living in the Jungle for 8 months now. He fled Iraq after receiving death threats from an extremist group after he wrote a song and posted it on Youtube.

This week he invited our friend Ness from The Calais Sessions over for tea, a regular occurrence, but as they chatted, it became clear that he was very down. He feels that he has lost everything, even his hope. 8 months of living in a shack in the mud, with no options for the future will do that to you…

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Ness spotted FIRE! His little wooden shack, with the both of them inside, was on fire…

They rushed to the door, unable to open it, Kasper moving with lightening speed, attempting to put the fire out, suffocating the flames with anything and everything he could, to no avail.

Seeing Ness panic, he managed to prize the door open and they yelled at some Sudanese neighbours who came running with water. They have done this before.

VIsibly shaken, Ness and Kasper were able to escape the burning shelter unharmed, but in shock.

To make matters worse, building materials are currently forbidden from entering the camp by the CRS police.

On recent trips, our car has been thoroughly checked for bits of wood or anything that might be used to make more shelters, as the authorities do not want the camp to grow.

Unfortunately, people keep coming, and prohibiting this essential aid only serves to cruelly separate the new arrivals from the volunteers and resources available and desperate to help.

So now Kasper sleeps in a shelter where a wall of plastic is held together by tape. In the wind and the rain.

Kasper is too proud to ask for help, but we want to do everything we can to help him!

This is the track Kasper has recorded with The Calais Sessions.

To buy the full album (released on the 29th July but available here on pre-sale), proceeds of which go to Kasper and the other musicians and to Citizens UK (helping unaccompanied children), click here, and to watch Khandahar, another Calais Sessions video, click here.

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