I ticked something off my ultimate bucket list today and gave a TED talk.

It was definitely the scariest talk yet, but I feel so passionately about the message I was sharing.

Today I used my story and what has happened to us to demonstrate the power of social media…how it can truly be used for social change. Rather than letting it isolate us, in a world where we sit on a crowded train, staring at our phones as if no one else around us exists, lets allow it to unite us.

I shared just a few of the examples of how social media has affected the lives of so many of the people we work with…how we’ve watched as one Facebook post can inspire a movement of hundreds of volunteers, thousands of hours of work. How one Facebook post can generate blankets for people that are cold, a dentist for a friend with crippling tooth ache, a neurologist for a little boy dying in a refugee camp in Greece and then a visa for him to get medical care in Switzerland.

This year has opened my eyes and my mind to the world of opportunities social media has created for each one of us. No longer is the world big and scary, no longer are people far away or different from us. No longer can we separate ourselves from world issues with physical distance or lack of information.

We are all connected.
We are all the same.

Underneath language, culture, religion and race, we are all human, and social media is a wonderful tool, imperative in inspiring and creating a world of conscious, international citizens who care about the world and the people we share it with.

You don’t need to have time to volunteer, or money to donate. You don’t need to be on the front line, building shelters in Calais or bringing boats to safety on the shores of Lesvos. All you need is to share a post, to embark in open conversation. To read, to listen, to spread the word of compassion and love, from the comfort of your own bed, your toilet, your sofa, your train seat.

What a gift it is to live in an age where the power is at our fingertips. Lets embrace it, step up and use it effectively to make this world a more loving, compassionate and connected place to be.