Help Mohammad

Guys we have an URGENT request from a good friend of the tribe, Kelli. Kelli has been working in Izmir in Turkey, alongside tribe members Dan, Sim and Esme.

Last night, Kelli was walking home through a park with a couple of Syrian friends, taking a different path to normal, when they bumped into another couple of Syrian friends. One of them, Mohammed, was having a real predicament.

Mohammad has been seeking asylum in Brazil. He has a job to go to and a friend there to support him. To date, the process has been 7 months of waiting.

A few days ago Mohammad and another friend surprisingly received good news that their visas for Brazil have been approved.

All they needed to do was get to the Turkish capital, Ankara, to pick up their visa’s and book their flights, and they would finally be able to escape the difficult situation they are currently living in…

Mohammed, a chef by trade, has been working in Izmir for months, desperately trying to save money for his new life, HOWEVER his employer has allowed him to work and work, continually promising to pay him, but is now refusing to pay his salary. As a Syrian refugee in Turkey, there is nothing Mohammed can do. This situation is devastatingly common for refugees in Turkey and our team have heard stories of such exploitation many times.

All Mohammed needs is £450 for the flight. When Kelli promised she would make this happen, unable to let this opportunity for a new life pass him by, he tried to insist it would only be a loan. He is proud and he is grateful, but stuck in an urgent situation.

Kelli says it was serendipitous because had they taken the normal path home, she would not have crossed paths with Mohammed, who was sitting in the park worrying about his future, about to watch the window of hope slam shut. But now we have the opportunity to change his life forever…

Mohammed got married just 9 months ago, and his wife, who is 8 months pregnant with their first child, a baby girl, is waiting back in Syria. Mohammed’s plan was to make the journey alone, to find somewhere safe for his young family to start again. The aim is for them to be reunited once he arrives in Brazil.

They never wanted to leave their beautiful country. But they had no choice. And Mohammed is one of the lucky ones to have been given the opportunity of international protection in Brazil.

Let’s do everything we can to get him through this one last hurdle…

If you can, please donate! And if you are unable, then please share as far and wide as possible!

(This is Mohammed in the middle, and Kelli on the right!)