Me and Nils are just back from Glastonbury festival!


This first picture shows us there last year on the left and this year on the right….

Last year, we were working the whole festival on the stall of the company I worked for at the time, an ethical underwear brand which produced fair trade, organic cotton underwear in India.

Our stall was next to the stall of a charity called Legs4Africa. We made friends with the founders who had recognised a need for prosthetic limbs in Africa and were re-cycling old ones from the UK (classed as medical waste within Europe), and re-fitting them to people in Africa so they could walk again. The amazing young guys who started this charity inspired me and Nils a lot, and I remember thinking how amazing it would be to set something like that up ourselves.

This was just before our lives totally changed…

One year on and Nils is wearing a Worldwide Tribe t-shirt with our new logo on it. The logo that represents our own organisation, and everything we stand for.

So much has changed in a year. In fact, I’ve learnt that anything can happen in a matter of minutes, seconds even.

Everything could change tomorrow.
The only thing that’s real is right now, and right now i’m feeling super grateful for another amazing Glastonbury experience…

I’m grateful for the many efforts throughout the festival to support refugees. I was emotional walking into the Good Chance Theatre dome for the first time since it left the Jungle, and seeing the artwork of many residents of the camp up on the walls.

Several of the artists I watched mentioned the crisis and I even left feeling elated to see the huge pile of tents people had left behind to bring over to Calais (they are in desperate need at the moment as new people are arriving thick and fast and the authorities have banned any building of shelters in the camp).


I’m also grateful for the presence of the beautiful rainbow overhead on Gay Pride. A sign that even the universe is representing equality, unity and love.

Thank you Glastonbury for maintaining my faith in humanity.