Alyaman: Update

Last week we shared the story of a little boy who lay dying on the floor of a UN tent, in a camp in mainland Greece.

Doctors in Greece had said that Alyaman was a few hours from death, but no one was really sure what was wrong with him, with very little access to resources or information.

Our friends volunteering in the camp told us that the UN, who had known about the case for the last few months, had been unable to provide the medical care or shelter the family were so desperate for, but had however, devastatingly come to discuss his funeral, asking where to bury the little boy.


After several volunteers shared Alyaman’s story on Facebook, the response was overwhelming and a miracle happened… A Swiss doctor was able to secure the family of four with visa’s to go to Switzerland for treatment.

We have since heard that Alyaman, in hospital in Switzerland, is ‘out of intensive care and his stats are good.’

Again, we want to highlight the amazing, incredible force of the community created through social media. Human beings reaching out to other human beings, connecting us all, as people, from all over the world.