Alaa’s Story

News from mainland Greece has been devastating recently.

EKO, the camp many of our lovely friends have worked tirelessly in to make as happy and safe as possible, has recently also been evicted.

It was 4:30am, just last week, that the police arrived to give the residents the news. They gave the volunteers a deadline to leave the camp and told the refugees they would be taken to a military camp by the end of the day.

Our friends at these new military camps have told us difficult things to hear about the conditions there. They say the smell is bad, that people are crying, everyone is devastatingly upset and generally just standing around outside feeling completely hopeless.

Upon arrival in one of these camps, our friends Alaa was so shocked that he desperately tried to find a taxi to take his family to a hotel as his father is recovering from a stroke and has just come out of hospital. His mum is also sick (she only has one kidney), and Alaa is worried about whether they will survive life in this new camp.

But when Alaa tried to get a taxi (he has money), the Greek police threw stones at him and his elderly parents. They were forced to go back inside the camp.

Alaa and his family just want to go home. They don’t know what to do now, what their options are, rather than slowly deteriorate in this camp.