The Universal Language

Football. It’s a universal language. It has the power to transcend borders and break down barriers. It connects people from all over the world, uniting them in their love for the game.

Last week, Dan and Sim worked with Refugee Volunteers of Izmir (ReVi) to organise two football sessions for the refugees in Izmir. The first brought together kids from one of ReVi’s education centres in an afternoon of games and laughter. They were all little bundles of energy, playing and having fun and, of course, running Dan and Sim into the ground!

Seeing the smiling faces of these children, all playing together and enjoying themselves, was so beautiful. It’s how kids should be!

The mothers came to pick them up when the games were done, equally as happy to see their kids still animatedly bouncing down the street, in need a good night’s rest after such exertions!

This all is exactly why simple projects like this football session are so important. These kids have been through so much, childhoods interrupted by war, and all of the awful things that come with it.

But by running projects like this, ReVi are creating an environment where children can be children, and that is so, so valuable.