The Injustice Of It All

Reading about the awful things that are happening in Aleppo this week has really brought home the injustice of it all. How innocent people are caught up in this horrible mess, their lives changed, or lost, forever.

I am reminded of this beautiful, heartbreaking poem by our friend, Mohamed…

No, no, no to injustice. No.
Homes burned
Mosques destroyed
Schools teared down
Men killed
Women widowed
Children orphaned
The country’s fortune stolen
The young displaced
On the sea they rode
Some drowned
Some were saved
In Europe they became refugees
Truthfully, they are rejected
Some accepted
Some returned by land
In the airport they landed
Sadly, they were imprisoned
Until now, they haven’t been released
And with beatings they suffer
With sticks they are lashed
No, no, no to injustice. No.

Thank you to our wonderful friend, artist Hannah Rose Thomas for this moving painting of Mohamed. The words of his poem are included in the background.