Helping You To Help With RedR UK

The grassroots response to this refugee crisis has been amazing.

Since our first ever visit to Calais to the present day there has been an overwhelming number of people who have chosen to act. Who have seen this problem and thought “I can do something about it”. Each and every one of these actions has been immeasurably valuable and I can say with one hundred per cent certainty that lives have been saved because of it.

But working in this field can be hard. We all up and go, get stuck in and give everything to making life better for others, but almost all of the time we’re completely unprepared for it.

We don’t have training, we don’t know what to expect or how to handle it or how to go back to normal life after.

Which is why I want to tell you about the wonderful people at RedR UK. They have put together a 2 day workshop called Refugee Response Training, for volunteers and grassroots organisations working in northern France, Serbia and Greece, and for UK volunteers traveling to locations across Europe.

The workshop helps people “to understand the context in which they are working, and to operate more effectively while keeping themselves and those they are working with safe and secure.”

It covers humanitarian context, needs assessment and coordination, sphere standards, distribution planning, protection principles, vulnerability assessment, child safeguarding, personal well-being and accountability to beneficiaries.

It will be so, so valuable to anyone working within this crisis.

For more information about the course, dates and locations, see here.