Great News For Yameen

Whilst me and Nils were in New York last week we finally actually met tribe member Lele.

She recently travelled all the way from her home in the States to volunteer with our lovely friends at EKO camp near Idomeni, on the Greece / Macedonia border.

Whilst there she met this beautiful family, with a very sick son called Yameen. She connected with Yameen, laughing with him and sharing lots of cuddles. She spent time with his parents and younger sister too and they posed happily in front of her camera.



After Lele left Greece, she heard some devastating news. Yameen’s condition had rapidly deteriorated and he was dying. It seemed that no one truly understood his unknown motor-neurone disease and whilst he visibly worsening, on the floor of a UN tent, his family had minimal access to information or resources, leaving them with no idea what to do…

Various diagnoses were thrown around, from Lyme disease to Cerebal Palsy, but no one was really sure why this little boy suddenly seemed unlikely to live past seven years old.


Devastatingly his parents were also told that his younger sister seemed to show similar signs of degeneration, and that whatever their son was suffering from may be genetic.

Lele and a few others put a call out on Facebook to find a neurologist in Greece who might be able to help…

This morning, she woke up to great news…

The facebook posts had reached far and wide and many people had responded, wanting to help. Neurologists, media representatives, people even offering to send money for his medical care in Greece.

But best of all was the response of a Swiss Doctor named Matt, who made the impossible, possible. Within 24 hours he had managed to get visas for the whole family to go to Switzerland, for Yamaan to have treatment.

The family are now on their way to Switzerland for Yameen to receive the medical attention he so needs.

We are all hoping and praying that we will see beautiful Yamaan smiling again very soon. We will keep you updated with as much information as we can.

The power of community and the power of unity, when we all come together in support of one another, astounds me every single day.