Fire In Calais

There’s been a fire in Calais….

I get the worst feeling when I hear news like this…panic, guilt, ultimate despair at the injustice of it all…

Too many times over the last year have I spent my evenings dealing with the aftermath of such devastation…too many times have these people had their lives ripped away from them….

Today approximately 500 people were made homeless (for most, not for the first time), with around 40 people in hospital.


The camp needs our help again. Now is the time to dig out that sleeping bag, tent or roll mat you never use, so someone, a man, woman or child, can actually sleep on it. Now is the time to organise a collection with your pals.

It’s so easy, it’s within our power to make sure everyone in the camp has a dry place to sleep and something to sleep on/in.

Email for details of how and where to drop donations.

If you’ve got nothing spare, you can buy sleeping bags and tents and get them sent straight to the camp by following this link:…/86100/1/help_refugees

Photos by Finlay O’Hara