Calais Needs You


The Help Refugees / L’auberge des migrants international warehouse is in desperate need of volunteers. Could that be you?

If you read Polly’s ‪#‎ShareYourStory‬ a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know how easy, and how valuable, it is to spend a little time helping out in the warehouse. She said:

“If you’ve felt moved and inspired by the posts that you’re reading about the refugee crisis, and thought ‘I wish I could help’, you can! With a little courage, support and time investment I did just that and I encourage you overcome your fears or worries because, I promise you, it’s the best thing ever!”

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Volunteering in Calais is actually super simple. Like ridiculously simple! If you’ve got some time and a passport, you can do it, no problem!

Whether you can spare a day, a week or a month, it is all absolutely worthwhile. Rope in some friends if you can (or go on your own, plenty of people to that too!), and get stuck in!

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Return journeys on the Eurotunnel cost as little as £60, and we’re always hearing stories about how people’s friends and family chip in to help them do this awesomely good deed!

Once you make it to Calais, the warehouse is just a few minutes drive from the Eurotunnel terminal, and in no time you’ll be able to get stuck in!

You might be unloading donations, sorting clothes or making up welcome packs, but regardless of what you do, you will know for sure that you’re making a difference. You’re part of the crazy big effort of little moving parts that means refugees in Calais get the things they need. And that’s great, right?

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Also, the volunteers get fed the most amazing lunch from the kitchen in the warehouse, so you really can’t lose!

What are you waiting for?

Drop an email to to start making plans, and don’t forget to tell us how it goes!

For more information about the warehouse and the current needs for donations, please visit

Big thanks to Tom Tranter ( / Knit Aid) for the awesome photos!