Bombs Are Falling In Aleppo

Bombs are falling Aleppo.

Approximately 250 people have been killed in the past nine days.

Mohammed Maaz, the last remaining pediatrician in Aleppo, was one of dozens of people killed on Thursday, when a bomb hit the hospital he was working in.

400,000 people still live in the city, and I can’t bear to think of the death and destruction they have seen, they have felt.

That must leave a mark.

These girls have escaped Syria. They have made it to a refugee camp in Jordan and I hope they now feel safe.



But their drawings show how deep this goes.

Little girls drawing tanks and bombs and dead bodies. They’ve seen things I can’t even comprehend, can’t bear to think about.

I hope they find peace, that they feel safe and get the chance to live the lives they should have had, the lives of children.