Back To The Jungle

I’m heading back to the Jungle today and I’m not sure how I feel about it…

I (and I’m Jess, by the way, hi!), haven’t spent nearly as much time in the Jungle as Jaz, Nils and Dan. I make sure things keep ticking along smoothly at The Worldwide Tribe, so I spend most of my time at my desk or in meetings – I’d be lost without my laptop!

Because of that, my trips to the Jungle are I guess what I would call sporadic. The first time I went it was right at the beginning of this crazy journey. There were only a handful of volunteers and almost everyone was living in tents. Then I went back and it was buzzing, like a little city. All of the gaps I remembered had been filled in, there were people and volunteers everywhere and it was full of vibrance. And then I went back and the bulldozers were there, and the ground was littered with scorch marks where people’s homes used to be.

So for me the Jungle is always different, and I wonder what it will be today…

What I do know, is that I’m always welcome. I’ll always be offered a seat and a cup of tea and a hand to shake, a friend to talk to. I’ll be greeted by the people I walk by, as if we know each other. And I hope I’ll be able to bring a little happiness, too.

We’re heading out in a great little team today, myself, Fin and Ruby, and Shahnaz and Tom from Knit Aid. We’ve got lots of bits and bobs to do, dropping off donations and working on a great creative project with a local gallery and I think it will be a great day.

We’ll let you know how it goes!