At The UN

Yesterday I gave a speech at the UN headquarters in New York.

It was part of a conference about identity and the issues around it within humanitarian crisis’ around the world today, not just in relation to refugees, but also things such as human trafficking, modern day slavery and other unthinkable horrors.






It was probably the scariest thing I have ever done, but I was there with a clear purpose, to represent the people, many of whom I consider my friends, living in the Jungle in Calais.

It was them, at the forefront of my mind throughout the day, who kept me focused and determined in my message. It was thinking about them, and what they would say, could they have been sat in the room (which they should have been). It was them, who inspire me, teach me and encourage me to always be dignified and brave and lead with love, not fear.


I’ve learnt and received more from them in the last 10 months that I could ever give in return.


(I’ve also learnt that I can always rely on Nils to make me laugh in the most inappropriate of situations with his UN ear piece. Nothing has changed since school!)