WiFi @ Pikpa

Yesterday the forced deportations began from Lesvos back to Turkey.

Two boats left in the morning, with the refugees deported with Frontex officers like prisoners.

A few weeks ago now, tribe members Nils and Rich finally installed much needed wifi across the whole Pikpa camp for vulnerable refugees on the island. This enables the residents there, many of whom are injured, disabled, pregnant, young; and all of whom are somehow vulnerable, access to vital information about their options for the future…like where to go next.


Access to the Internet also enables people to keep in contact with their families, who may have been separated and dispersed as a result of war. Imagine you and everyone you know has to flee your home; all you would want it to ensure those you love are safe. Leaving behind all material possessions, those relationships, those people are all you have left.

Finally, the wifi allows people access to the same opportunities you or I have available to us every day. The resources to learn languages for example.

We wanted to say thank you to you guys, as the power of the internet and social media has enabled us to provide it for many others in both the Calais Jungle and in Lesvos!