We will all commit suicide if they deport us

I just got the most horrible message from Dan.

Two refugees attempted suicide after being deported back to Turkey. One of them was successful.

How can we let this happen?

These people are fleeing from war, from persecution and death. All they are looking for is a place to be safe. A place that we all have, and lots of us even take for granted.

By returning refugees to Turkey, the EU is sending them back to a country rife with human rights violations. A country where refugees are reportedly shot at when trying to cross the border from Syria. What will it take for people to stand up and listen, and say that this is not right?

Refugees detained at Moria on Lesvos held a demonstration asking for their freedom.

“We want freedom”
“No to deportation to Turkey”

During the demonstration Cristina Mas, a journalist for Diari ARA, was thrown this letter over the fence.

‘We are protesting without creating any illegal thing. When some Afghani are ready to join us the police forcefully send them back. One of the police man hits a woman of Afghanistan. The police treated us very badly. They think as we are animal. They kick us out whenever they want / need. They do not know about human rights. They also begin to blow over childrens. They try to hoodwink us in the name of assylum. The police quietly entered in our tent / camp at night and do their procedure.
In short:
“We will accept death but not return back.”
“We will all commit suicide if they deport us.”’

Please, take a small action right now and sign this petition to ask the European Council to stop deporting people from Europe.

Your voice matters.

Photo by Cristina Mas.