We Are From Syria, Can You Help Us?

Imagine having no choice but to leave behind your well paid job, your spacious house and your nice car, in fear of your life.

Imagine moving to a neighbouring country (with no choice in the matter), and realising that not only have you left behind everything you ever owned or worked for, you also left behind your dignity.

Imagine being forced to take your son onto the streets all day and all night to beg for food and money so you can buy nappies for your baby.

Imagine watching him extend his open hand out to passers by and gesturing to his mouth, telling them he is hungry, instead of sending him off to school with a packed lunch.

Imagine clutching your passport as proof that this is beyond your control, that this is not your fault, that you are a victim of someone else’s choices, a symbol of the pure injustice of it all.

Look at this picture. He doesn’t need to imagine…

Me and Nils are in Istanbul, and this is a reality for not only this father and son that we met, but for thousands and thousands more just like them…