Moria, Now, Is Like A Prison

“I have stopped working in Moria camp now. I am sorry to say I could not work there any longer. I felt like an extension of the army and police, and was doing their job which they refused to take responsibility for, and I am neither. The situation was too hard.”

Ben has spent recent weeks volunteering on the island of Lesvos. He told us about his experience of the Moria camp, and it’s hard to hear. The implementation of the EU/Turkey deal seems to be breeding more and more inhumanity. It’s a far cry from the welcoming, volunteer-run island that Lesvos was, not so long ago.

Moria, now, is like a prison.

The military, the police and at least 3 NGOs are all present and, unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of politics. Everyone has their own way of doing things, which makes it hard to know exactly what’s going on.

Really, it’s chaos.

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After witnessing food distributions, Ben quickly learnt that they are completely disorganised. With so many different groups present, each with their own preferred process, the system was changed for every meal.

People wait for hours in the midday sun for food that is late, poor quality and completely insubstantial. To make matters even worse the military don’t provide enough meals for everyone, and what they do supply is hard to live off; a meagre slop of mash with some tomato sauce, a little bit of feta with some airy bread…

The NGOs have to try and cater for those left out.

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Tensions in Moria are running high. There are reports of aggressive and hostile treatment by the police; kicking and pushing and shouting. Reports of police hitting a minor led to protests earlier this week, when refugees took to broadcasting messages of “FREEDOM, FREEDOM” over the PA system.

It’s so hard to imagine what it must be like to be stuck in these awful conditions. The people here are fleeing war, they are trying to find safety.

It is truly inhumane.