Kostas, The Teacher

Meet Kostas, a local from the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Kostas is a teacher, teaching Greek to people from all over the world, but this year, his job and life changed forever…

The refugee camp that we support in Lesvos (Pikpa), gave Kostas the opportunity to start teaching Greek to refugees. This was totally new for him but he accepted, and the experience has been amazing…

Kostas says, “I met these beautiful people who have lost their countries, their homes and most importantly their families, so they have travelled to Europe for a better life. But they haven’t lost their smile and their willingness to learn a new language, although Greek is a difficult one. That’s why I love my job, because I have the best students.”


But not just this, Kostas also loves to play football, and has played every Tuesday with his friends for years. One day he was told that some of his students had been playing football all day long in Pikpa camp, and when he asked them about it, they told him they were indeed football lovers too…



Kostas invited his students to join him and his friends the next Tuesday night and the outcome has been amazing. Kostas has seen how integration and language can develop through the sport, which knows no borders.

Kostas now plays alongside Afghans, Kurds, Moroccans, Iranians, and Syrians and he tells us that nothing makes him happier than seeing them all smiling!