Four Hundred Lives Lost

Today there are reports that 400 people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Four hundred lives lost.

Over the past 16 months, thousands of people have died crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, trying to reach Europe. People who are fleeing war, persecution and death.

And all they want is to be safe.

These are men and women and children. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They are lawyers and engineers and workmen and students. They are people. People like you and me, and they are gone.

Today, amid the news that many more souls may have been taken too soon, we will remember them all.

We will remember them with love, as we would our own brothers and sisters.

We will remember them with peace and hope in our hearts, and we will trust in a better future for us all.

Please, do not let them be ignored. Do not let them be forgotten.

We hope they have finally found peace.


These beautiful images of the boats coming in were drawn by tribe member Esme Mull on the ground in Lesvos.

Esme will be joining Dan and Sim in Izmir this week to document the refugee crisis in Turkey through her incredible artwork. You can learn more about her project, and support her work, here.