What Is Peace?

What is peace?

Peace is not stopping a war. This only works short term, until the next one begins.

Peace is a place inside each of us. A place deep, beyond thoughts, beyond time. No one can bring you peace. You already have it, it’s already there, you just have to tune in to it….

I am peace. You are peace. Stop. Listen. Feel.

Only then we will find peace, each of us, piece by piece.

This morning I had breakfast in the home of a teacher from the school I am presenting in. She had already gone to the school, so I shared bread and cheese with her husband. We started to speak about Brussels, and he shared with me this beautiful message. His words stirred an intense emotion inside me and I felt I wanted to cry because as his words flowed, I felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity and comfort, like I knew it was true, it felt like coming home.

Photo taken in the Calais Jungle by Helen Kitto