The Future Of Pikpa

Dan, Nils, Sim, Rich, Mark and Jamie are all representing the tribe on the ground in Lesvos right now, and it’s not an easy time…

The EU/Turkey deal has come into play, beginning with a mass evacuation of refugees from the island and deportations starting any minute.

Since last September, our team has worked really closely with the amazingPikpa Lesvos, a grassroots-run camp for vulnerable refugees, providing incredible, invaluable support for those who need it most (you’ve probably heard us talking about them before)…

Right now, Pikpa is looking after about 75 people who need individual attention and/or medical care. Children who have lost their parents, pregnant women, the elderly and disabled; people who don’t yet have the strength for the next leg of the gruelling journey and need some time for recuperation.

Devastatingly, the municipality has ordered for Pikpa to close, claiming that it is no longer needed…

HOWEVER, without Pikpa, there is nothing to show how shelter and healthcare will be provided to these refugees from here on. These refugees, forced to leave, don’t even know where they’re going or why, and have been given no clear information about their rights. These refugees who face treatment that is absolutely inhumane.

Where will they go?

What will happen to them?

This is a historic moment. The moment that the EU has shown no respect towards upholding people’s human rights, and Pikpa (with our full support) will not stand down. Pikpa will do everything to continue their invaluable work, until satisfactorily evidence is given that appropriate care will be provided for these vulnerable cases from this point on.

Better Days for Moria has also been forced to close, yet the medical tent still stands as there are no official medical facilities inside Moria, the registration camp, now turned detention centre. Anyone new arriving on the island is sent here, their personal belongings taken away, with no clear understanding of what will happen next…

We stand side-by-side with our friends at Pikpa. We will do all that we can to continue to support those who need it, in the face of inhumanity, injustice and neglect.

To prove this, Nils and our resident wifi expert Rich, have just installed wifi across the entire camp. This allows people access to crucial information about their onward journey, and their options for the future, as well as vital communication with family members as people are chaotically dispersed.

We stand in solidarity. We are one.

Today, marks the first of 2 demonstrations to protest against the violation of basic human rights and violation of the Geneva convention taking place at this time on the island, since the new measures applied by the EU.
Please show your solidarity by sharing this event, and encouraging others to do the same.

You can also read the full statement from Pikpa and Lesvos Solidarity here.