This post is hard for me to write.

For 7 days now I have known about a horrible story unfolding in the camp in Calais, but until now have felt unable to write about it…

But as the situation gets more desperate, I think it’s time for people to know…

This story is about 8 refugees from Iran. Thier names are:

Sasan, 17 years old, a student
Mokthar, 34 years old, a Maths teacher
Mohammed, 25 years old, an aeronautical engineer
Daoud, 30 years old, a tattoo artist
Mohammed, 43 years old, a jeweller
Rezza, 24 years old, a personal trainer
Hamed, 25 years old, a car dealer
Ishmail, 46 years old, a builder

A week ago, these men sewed their mouths closed and stopped eating or drinking, in protest against the forced and brutal evictions of the southern side of the Jungle by the French Authorities.




Their intention is to raise awareness about the complete atrocities currently being carried out in the camp by the French Government.

These men have a clear message – People need to know what is happening in the camp right now. The people currently being subjected to this injustice HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. All they did, was be unfortunate enough to be born into a country which is not safe. There is no other difference between them and us.

Asylum is a right and refugee families should not be persecuted in this way, they are innocent, they are victims of war, of genocide.

These men were already weak from their traumatic journey across Europe. Many of the refugees in the camp are suffering from illness and infection, malnutrition and post traumatic stress syndrome. Although they are determined and focused, they are now gradually growing weaker by the day. they say they are prepared to die for this cause. It wont be long before they do.

And it looks as though they will. If thier hope, to stop the evictions, does not happen and soon…I can’t even bear to think of the consequences.

This is in France, in 2016.

Tom Radcliffe, a British volunteer has also joined the hunger strike.

Please sign the petition for the UN to acknowledge the breach of human rights in Calais.