How Do We Make It Better?

I’m on the train home from Paris right now feeling completely inspired.

Today I presented as part of a human rights day organised by students at a school on the outskirts of Paris.

The students themselves chose the topic of ‘Refugee Rights’ this year, having focussed on various issues such as access to education for women, organ donation and modern-day slavery. Each year the ‘Human Rights Team’ do their research and organise an event for the younger years of the school.


Today began with showing two of The Worldwide Tribe’s documentaries about the camp in Calais. I followed these with a presentation about how powerful we are as individuals and how each one of us can take action and truly make a difference. This was then followed by a debate.


The students posed questions to the kids in the audience, aged between 8 and 11, and the answers blew me away. The things the students came out with were passionate and pure and genuinely made me feel like I wanted to cry. They said things like:

‘I think we should open our borders, these people seem really nice!’

And ‘I think we should just all share!’

Examples of thier beautiful questions are:

‘Why aren’t these people allowed in France or England?’

And ‘How do we make it better?’


I was blown away by the integrity, open-mindedness and compassion, and it left me wondering how the reality has moved so far away from those basic things we teach our kids…love, kindness, sharing. It’s pretty simple!


These pictures are from when me and Nils did a similar event in a school in Gevena a little while ago, and yesterday I went back to my old uni, Nottingham Trent, to lecture there three years after graduating, which was also amazing!

If you work in education, have kids in school or know a school / college / university that might be interested in a guest lecture or workshop, please email for more information.