For The Mothers

This post is for the mothers.

The mothers admiring their flowers.
The mothers eating their chocolates.
The mothers enjoying breakfast in bed, a day by the fire, a pub lunch with their family, a cosy evening with their children.

This post is also for the mothers putting their children to bed inside a tent in northern France. For the mother of the newborn, that living outside in the cold has given them an infection they can’t shake. For the mother’s relying on donations of warm baby clothes and nappies.

For that mother who sacrificed her own crossing to safety from Turkey to Greece, so that her three month old baby had a chance of a life worth living with it’s father…

For the mothers of children bombed in their schools. For the mothers of babies lost to the Mediterranean Sea.

And for the mothers who are no longer around for bath time. And for the fathers who have to pick up the pieces. This is Salem Saoody giving his daughter and niece a bath in what is left of their home.

This post is for all mothers.