A Sad Day

It’s been a very sad day for humanity.

Just this weekend, my lovely pal Alice walked happily past this caravan. The caravan of our very good friend and long term volunteer who has relentlessly catered to new arrivals for the last 8 months, providing them with sleeping bags and tents, the very basics to begin life in the Jungle.

Several times a night he would be woken up by a knocking, opening the door to a cold and frightened family, greeting them with warmth and love.

In the first picture, Alice is walking away from the school opposite the caravan which has a little playground outside. She walked to the sound of children playing and laughing. We were walking alongside our kind and gentle Sudanese friends, smiles covering up the air of sadness you feel coming from deep within them.

I used to ask them why they left Sudan…but when I started to hear the answers, I stopped asking.

2016-03-01 009

The second picture is the same caravan today.

The same caravan, after hundreds of riot police moved into the camp carrying guns and detonating tear gas canisters, causing many fires all across the camp.

This photo captures a policeman throwing the canister.

The tear gas meant people ran from their homes in pain, unable to see to collect their belongings. Their shelters were then systematically destroyed with chainsaws and mallets.

Volunteers spent much of the day washing the eyes of the children affected by this brutality…