Mohamed The Poet

Mohamed is a poet. He also happens to be a refugee from Darfur, living in the Jungle.

In this portrait he is holding his most prized possession, a children’s colouring book in which he writes his poems. This one is a heartbreaking insight into his journey and the life he has lived so far.

No, no, no to injustice. No.
Homes burned
Mosques destroyed
Schools teared down
Men killed
Women widowed
Children orphaned
The country’s fortune stolen
The young displaced
On the sea they rode
Some drowned
Some were saved
In Europe they became refugees
Truthfully, they are rejected
Some accepted
Some returned by land (on foot)
In the airport they landed
Sadly, they were imprisoned
Until now, they haven’t been released
And with beatings they suffer
With sticks they are lashed
No, no, no to injustice. No.

Our amazing team member Hannah painted this portrait of him including the words to his poem in the background. You can find more of her incredible portraits from our time in Calais together here.