Kabul Cafe, Donated Knits & The Lotus Flower

Another lovely day in the camp yesterday.

We ate spicy eggs for breakfast in Kabul Cafe, then drank tea with our Sudanese pals, outside in the sun (although still freezing).

We screened our film in the Good Chance Calais Dome, after watching the end of an awesome theatre workshop getting lots of people very engaged and excited. In the mini dome next door, lots of kids were getting creative painting away too.

2016-02-18 006

2016-02-18 001

We personally delivered some beautiful hand-knitted gifts to those who looked the most cold, and headed back to Kabul Cafe for another screening and another incredible meal of mutton curry, fragrant rice and freshly baked bread with warm chai as the sun started to go down.

2016-02-18 005

2016-02-18 004

2016-02-18 002

Everywhere we walked, every shelter we passed, is due to be bulldozed in the next week. Every child we encountered, due to be made homeless again.

The hard work, the materials, the hundreds of hours, the abundance of love and care, all soon to be bulldozed to the ground.

Watch our film ‘The Lotus Flower’ to understand just how much will be lost if these plans go ahead this week.