Ella And Michael

Guys! This is Ella and Michael.

They are a couple from Norway and they are AMAZING. They’ve been working non-stop on the ground in a refugee camp in Lesvos, for a month after ending up there whilst travelling. Originally planning to stay just a few days, they’ve been sucked in by the incredible need and incredible vibe, unable to leave for both reasons.

Every morning they clean. They’ve taken on the responsibility of keeping the refugee shelters clean and tidy between residents and even make a mop look cool. They do this with love and care, knowing that the next people to stay in these shelters will be vulnerable, either bereaved, pregnant, alone, disabled, elderly, and grateful for a safe, welcoming, fresh-smelling bed.

Once the shelters are looking beautiful again, they get in the kitchen where they prepare anything from 300-1000 meals…every single day. This food is distributed in the infamous Moria camp, where refugees register for European papers. Conditions in Moria are renowned for being pretty dire as families arrive wet, cold and confused, in larger quantities than the camp is able to deal with. These warm, healthy, hearty meals are crucial.

Watching Ella and Michael work as part of the little production line (with the rest of the team), makes my heart burst. The music’s on, the vibe is great and the work efficient as they pack the individual meals into containers ready to go.

Yesterday I went along to deliver them inside the Moria compound, and each dinner of chicken curry was accompanied with rice, bread and a beautiful locally grown orange or satsuma fresh from the tree.

Ella and Michael have the passion, drive, experience and love to continue the amazing work they are doing. They have taken on responsibility and are a crucial part of the camps daily operations. But they have run out of money and are getting to the point where they need to return to Norway to go ‘back to work’.

This situation seems totally nonsensical to me. When the most experienced, well-known and loved volunteers have to leave due to finances, to the detriment of the refugees, the camp and their own happiness. Everyone loses out.

Ella and Michael are in the thick of it, on the front line, truly making a difference. Not everybody has the flexibility or time to do this, but if you would like to support the people that do, please please spare some pennies to keep them here so they can continue their amazing work!

Any extra they receive will obviously go directly to the camp.

Sponsor their amazing work here.