Devastating News From Calais

I am in shock…it’s happening..

This morning over 50 riot vans and a water cannon arrived at the camp as very aggressive evictions have started.

The riot vans surrounded areas of the camp, blocking volunteers from going in to help, as officers moved in and began telling people they had one hour to leave or they would get arrested.

People are being forced to leave their homes which are being immediately destroyed with chainsaws.

People have no idea what to do, confused and scared, they are leaving on foot with nowhere to go, and no time to get their belongings together.


People are being told to get on coaches, but they don’t know where they are going or what will happen to them. We heard some people were even being told they are going to England to encourage them to get on. If this is true, this is more than cruel.

A friend of mine who got on one of these coaches last week has been taken to the Swiss border, isolated, in the middle of nowhere, with no people, no phone network, and is desperate to come back to the life he had built himself in the Jungle.

Unfortunately, now he has had to put his fingerprints down in France, it looks likely his claim will be rejected, like those of his friends, also victims of genocide, before him. He has the machete scars on his face to prove it.

This treatment of people is so inhumane, so shocking, so far from how the authorities said it would be.

I can’t believe this is really happening.

This video shows the force the police are moving in with, (bearing in mind the people in the camp are vulnerable, weak, often injured, often sick, often not eating or sleeping properly.)