Destroying The Jungle

You guys might have heard the news….

The Authorities in Calais have confirmed they will be bulldozing about half of the Jungle by the end of this week…

2016-02-15 002

Over 1000 people of the south side of the camp will, again, be left with nothing, no home, no dignity and no hope.

2016-02-15 001

The area planned to be cleared is where the majority of the families in the camp live, as well as many important community areas and facilities lovingly and time-consumingly built by refugees and volunteer groups over the last few months. These include:

– The Women and Children’s centre (supporting over 200 women and children)
– The newly built Youth Centre (supporting hundreds of young boys, many of whom are fleeing compulsory military service and are unaccompanied, alone and vulnerable)
– Three mosques
– One Church
– Three schools
– Jungle Books – the camp’s lovely library run by the amazing Mary
– The Good Chance Theatre (the dome)
– The Legal Centre
– The vaccination centre
– The Ashram Kitchen (and other aid distribution points and hot food distributions which serve over 2000 meals a day)

2016-02-15 003

There are just no words for this ultimate injustice. How are the victims of war, of genocide, being treated this way? These are the very people we need to be supporting in full, showering with love and compassion, the victims of the biggest evils, the most devastating tragedies happening in our world right now.

And this is what is happening to them in France? Right on our doorstep..

This is history in the making.

Please sign this petition (it’s in french but it’s basically to stop the destruction).

Photos taken on film by Nils O’Hara