Beautiful, Chilling Lesvos

These pictures, at first glance, could deceivingly give the idea that we’re on holiday right now…sunshine, blue seas and beaches…

Lesvos is really really beautiful.

That part totally bypassed my mental image of what to expect on coming here. The deceptive illusion of idyllic island life. Tavernas and terraces, pebbles and parasols… but it only takes a short walk down the beach to soon shatter this impression.

What you come across is haunting.


2016-02-04 003

Lesvos’ beaches are littered with reminders of the hundreds of thousands of people who have desperately fled to the safety of it’s shore. These beaches mark the entry to Europe, and the escape from death, destruction, war and fear.

And it’s so sad.

2016-02-04 004

Seeing the physical debris really brought it home for me. Not just piles of life jackets and deflated rubber dinghies, but digging deeper, looking closer… It was the tiny shoe, the little girl’s fluffy pink coat, the child’s armband, again reminiscent of family holidays, learning to swim in a hotel swimming pool.

2016-02-04 002

And it gets you thinking about all those who didn’t make it. Who didn’t reach this shore. The cold bodies at the bottom of this tiny stretch of water. Turkey looks so close, you can see it in these pictures.

Noone needs to die on the crossing, its 20 Euros and takes an hour and a half on the ferry. So why are people still risking everything on these unsafe little boats?

It just does not make sense.