Together We Can Do Anything

An incredible miracle happened in Calais today.

The impossible was made possible.

Today was the day the bulldozers were due to arrive in the Jungle, to clear a big area of the camp.

As the refugees were waking up in minus 2 degrees Celsius, their tents frosted over, the riot police and the bulldozer arrived at the camp, but found every single occupied shelter had already been moved to a safe new area of the Jungle…

2016-001-19 003

Over the last week, spirits and morale have gone from an ultimate low, to positive and empowered as everyone has come together, refugees and volunteers alike, to clear the designated area in a dignified and unifying manner before the bulldozers were able to do so in the complete opposite way…

It genuinely opens my heart to see the united efforts to literally pick up the homes built with love and crowdfunded money over the last few months, and reposition them in the new, safe zone.

2016-01-19 002

From last week’s devastating news of the forced evictions, grew the hugest, strongest, most beautiful beast. A beast that could not be beaten with violence or discrimination. A beast much fiercer than hatred or brute force.

The beast of love, compassion, togetherness and unity.

We are in this together. We are all human. We are one.

Together we can do anything. Love is Powerful. This week has proven this to me.

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Pictures by Nils O’Hara