Proem Aid

You guys might have read in the news about the lifeguards who were arrested on Lesvos.

Yeh…lifeguards…the guys that selflessly and heroically risk their own lives to save those of drowning men, women and children.

Three members of the Spanish Proem Aid team, were accused of human trafficking for towing a sinking boat over the imaginary line from Turkish waters to Greek waters.


Since when were man-made borders, invented lines, more important than HUMAN LIVES?

At what point did anyone decide that immigration rules and border controls came before life or death?

I just can’t believe it.

Thankfully I’m not alone in this thinking and the incredible Pikpa team got some money together for legal fees and the lifeguards were spared. Below is a picture of the amazing Proem Aid team with the Pikpa team including our lovely Dan in the middle. Dan has been acting as a translator for the Spanish speaking team and told me of the emotional rollercoaster they had faced going through court, totally shocked, overwhelmed and devastated by the whole experience.


This morning we got the news of two more boats that didn’t make the crossing last night, with 40 people losing their lives to the Mediterranean Sea, including 17 children. Groups like Proem Aid deserve only to be celebrated and congratulated for the incredible work they do to save lives like these.

Pikpa, Proem Aid and The Worldwide Tribe stand together in solidarity in the belief that love, compassion and humanitarian aid should not be criminalised. That dignity, health, safety and life is important above all. That we will look back on this day, on this time of human suffering and death at the hands of government borders with shock and shame. The sooner we unite in the belief that we all live on this world together, and we should share it accordingly, the sooner we will all be happier as a result.

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