Knit For Refugees

Not everyone has the time or the means to fly to Lesvos, to volunteer in Calais, to donate money, or even to spare any clothing or shoes. That is totally understandable to me.

But what I also know, is that everyone has a responsibility and the ability to do SOMETHING.

One of the best things to come out of our visit to the camp this week was the reaction we got to the hand-knitted snoods we gave out. Jess’s amazing Mamma has spent the last few months furiously knitting and producing a constant stream of these amazing snoods for the guys in Calais and elsewhere along the refugee routes.

2016-01-10 005

The guys in the Sudanese area of the camp rushed to pick out their favourite colours and put them all on immediately, instantly visibly warmer. Hopefully they will go a little way to keeping out the bitter wind often blowing across the camp off the sea. It hasn’t seemed such a cold winter yet to us, but that wind goes straight to your bones and these guys have no opportunity to warm their freezing toes. I am dreading the frost.

2016-01-10 004

The gesture of the snoods was so simple, but that was the beauty of it, one Mamma knitting for some very cold people. No matter what your skill, your job, your hobby, your passion, there is a way to use it to make lives just a little bit better for those struggling through this crisis. We are all powerful in our own way, even if it’s sharing a post, an idea, a message on social media.

2016-01-10 002

If you fancy brushing off your needles (you only need to be able to knit a straight line) to help those in need this Winter, check out the incredibleKnit Aid who work to help knitters help others. Take a look for more info on ways to get involved. They’ve also got their own patterns that you can use!

2016-01-10 003

Little things go a long way, and those small things make a big difference when we do them from the heart and we do them together.